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Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist For Indoors And Outdoors

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring weather is here! Well, almost. This past April, we’ve seen sun, showers, snow and more. It’s all a sign that spring is well on its way, which means spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning isn’t a myth; it’s a great opportunity to give the whole house a deep clean inside and out. Since it usually happens only once a year, it’s an important task.

If the thought of spring cleaning seems daunting, don’t let it be! It’s a manageable project, one that can eve be enjoyable!

Start by making a plan. Jot everything down on a piece of paper, or make a spreadsheet. Having an idea of what you want to do gives you an opportunity to make a schedule and stick to it. A plan gives you peace of mind and will help you stay on the right track.

Don’t think it will all get done in one day. Instead, allot a certain amount of time to each task and spread it out over the course of several weeks.

More importantly, don’t do it by yourself! The work you’re about to do takes a lot of time and energy, which means you’ll need some help! Ask your family members to pitch in, or hire a house cleaning expert to help you out.

We can help you devise a plan. Check out our list of things you should start doing on your free weekends. After all, once summer arrives, you’ll thank yourself for a clean home once your guests arrive!

  • Give your walls and ceilings a wipe down. They’re often the most overlooked places in the house that are dirtier than you expect.
  • Reseal grout in the bathrooms and on the floor. Grout often becomes porous and stains easily. A grout sealer will keep it fresh.
  • Shampoo the rugs. A deep clean will extract any stubborn stains and dirt. Plus, a refresh will keep your home looking and smelling fresh!
  • Clean the couch cushions. Take them off the couch and beating them by hand to remove the dust. Use a vacuum to clean any dirt build up underneath the cushions
  • Dust shelves. Take off any books, picture frames or décor and dust the shelves with a cloth.
  • Dust ceiling fans. Turning on the fan without dusting it will continuously circle dust around.
  • Dust lamp shades.
  • Dust around mirrors, picture frames and wall art.
  • Spring clean the closets. Take everything out, dust the shelves and put everything back.
  • Replace batteries in the smoke detector. This task is often forgotten about and it’s important, for it can save your family’s life in an emergency.
  • Wash the windows and window screens. A bucket of dishwashing liquid and water will do the trick.
  • Clean the porch. Water can significantly damage certain porches based on the type of material. Instead of risking it, use a broom to sweep up cobwebs and wipe it down with a damp sponge, drying as you go.
  • Wash your outdoor furniture. Most materials, including aluminum, plastic and wicker can handle mild dishwashing liquid and water. Use a soft bristled brush to remove stubborn stains.

Remember, do a little bit at a time and don’t forget to take breaks! This way, you don’t get burnt out.

You’ll be thankful once the job is done. Hey, it’s only once a year!

Does your home need a paint job? Do it in the spring

Winter is finally over, which means your home doesn’t have to brave the harsh winter weather anymore. Ice pellets and snow can do a number on your home’s exterior.

Summer isn’t far behind, and if you love spending time outdoors, you may want to consider repainting your home’s exterior. Otherwise, you could spend an entire summer staring at peeling paint and faded colour. It’s nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t fix!

Here are some reasons why the spring season is the perfect time to paint your home:

Milder temperatures
The spring weather is the perfect temperature; it’s not sweltering, but the cool weather is cool enough for perfect painting conditions. Extreme temperatures can cause paint to dry too quickly, compromising the overall finish.

Gardening season
If you’re an avid gardener who will be spending time putting down mulch and planting new flowers, then you’ll want to have the painting done beforehand. Painters will have to move ladders around, which could damage the grass and garden you’ve worked hard at perfecting.

Outdoor living
The sooner you have your home painted, the sooner you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces! The next time you’re sitting on the patio barbequing or playing catch, you’ll be thankful that you took the time to hire a professional painter to do the job before summer entertaining.

Grand Project Contracting is the right choice

At Grand Project Contracting, we pride ourselves in providing industry-leading home renovations and projects for over 15 years. It’s our duty to provide quality workmanship, leaving you with a beautiful home you’ll love for a lifetime.

Our team specializes in painting and can transform the look of your home. Visit our contact us page to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions about your painting project.

We look forward to working with you and giving your home a spring makeover!


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