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Protect Your Home From Electrical Problems

Protect Your Home From Electrical Problems

Protect your household from electrical problems this winter season

Gone are the summer nights when the sun would light up the house, essentially eliminating the need to turn on laps or any lighting.

Winter has been upon us for several weeks now and as such, it becomes dark early in the evening. Lighting up your home with candles, lamps and lighting is a necessity, but so is staying safe throughout the season.

Statistics indicate the winter months are the most common occurrences for home fires, and heating equipment is the second-leading cause of home fires. It not only leads to property damage, but can cause life-threatening injuries to anyone in your home.

Lighting and heating your home can cause a whole host of electrical issues that aren’t safe for your family. Our team at Grand Project Contracting specializes in electrical safety, and wants your family to be protected this winter season!

If you’re lighting your home with candles to create a nice ambiance, never leave the room with it lit. When you’re going to sleep, extinguish all candles and make sure the wick isn’t glowing from being lit. Your candles should be kept away from furniture, drapes and other flammable decorations. This is highly important in protecting both your family and your household.

Other electrical hazards are all around the house – computers, televisions and sound systems included. If you’re using extension cords to utilize your technology, remember that these are temporary solutions and can cause damage to your home’s electrical circuits. When you’re pulling plugs from the wall, don’t yank them from the cord. Rather, pull them from the plug.

Do you ever use portable heaters to heat the house? A portable heater can quickly cause an electrical hazard in a short second. We recommend you thoroughly read the manufacturer’s manual before using a heater, and keep it several feet away from items that can catch fire easily, such as bedding, drapes and rugs. If you’re hosting family get-togethers and there are kids around, be sure to keep them away from the space heater!

Finally, cooking those hearty dinners for your family to enjoy can also cause dangerous house fires. When you’re making a meal, stay in the kitchen at all times until you are finished cooking. Never leave pots and pans unattended. Flammable items, including dishtowels and other paper products, should be kept away from the stove, for they could catch fire easily.

The winter season will be with us for another few months. While you get cozy in your home, make sure the electrics around you are keeping you safe and comfortable.

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