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Stucco Repair Milton

Stucco Repair in Milton

Stucco if done properly is a great finishing. It not only gives your home a rich curb appeal, but also works provides great insulation. However, we often see that stucco in subdivision homes have a lot of problems with the stucco peeling off. This is caused by either because the weather was not ideal or because the material is watered down to cover more square footage.

We been called for several homes in Milton this summer for stucco repair jobs.

In these stucco repair projects when the stucco peels off we first scrap down all the loosed stucco, clean the surface and then reapply a new coat of base coat and finish coat.

Once the stucco is repaired it looks again nice and inviting.

Project Description

Camille Mungal

Project Location:
Milton, ON

Project Date:
June 2014

Project Time Frame:
3 days