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Stucco Finishing Toronto

Stucco Finishing In Toronto

As most of you know The Bridle Path is an upscale and exclusive residential neighbourhood for the rich and famous not only from Toronto but around the world. Many homes are owned by well know business owners and stars from around the globe. For some this is their main residential home, while for others is “just” their Canadian residency.

This was a brand new built and while it looks enormous it wasn’t compared to the homes of this neighbourhood. We worked on the stucco finishing on this home. It was finished with white stucco and beautiful architectural mouldings. While we finished the home in March before Spring arrived I went back in the July to take some pictures with the trees fully green. The trees were individually ordered and as you can see the landscaping was outstanding as well.

For us it’s a privilege to work on these exclusive homes, but to be honest we give the same attention to details and quality whether is a multi million dollar home or is just a home addition, because we care about each client. On this particular project we worked with the builder directly not the homeowner.

Project Description

Client asked to remain private

Project Location:
Bridle Path Toronto, ON

Project Date:
November 2004 - March 2005

Project Time Frame:
Five Months