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Stucco Finishing Oakville

Stucco Finishing in Oakville

We had the privilege to work with Connie Course when they decided to improve their home curb appearance. Honestly, you can’t compare the before and after photos. Investing in the right home improvement can significantly increase your home value.

We met with Connie in the late fall of 2013 but suggested to wait with the stucco for the spring as we would had to cover and heat to do in the winter season. Once the weather was nice we were ready to finalize this project. I would say this is the best looking home now in the neighbourhood.

Here are some pictures from before and after. If you are planing to have a stucco finishing or stucco repair done Contact us for a complimentary estimate.


Connie Course

Project Location:
Oakville, ON

Project Date:
April 2014

Project Timeframe:
One week