Finished Basement with Laundry Centre - Basement Renovation
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Finished Basement with Laundry Centre

Finished Basement with Laundry Centre

Finished basement with laundry centre in Milton

We had the privilege to work with our wonderful client Jodie and finished her basement in Milton. Jodie find us through Facebook when she was looking for referrals and some of our previous clients were kind enough to provide her with our contact information.

The main reason of finishing this basement was to create a laundry centre where doing laundry will be a little more enjoyable. This basement was partially finished with an open concept design and closed off with a double glass panel door.  The project consisted in an open room, laminate installation,  floor tile installation, retrofit 2 tone stairs, laundry cabinet installation and painting.

Have a look at the finished basement project and  contact us for your basement finishing project.

Project Description:

Jodie Sales

Project Location:
Milton, ON

Project Date:
December, 2015

Project Time Frame:
4 Weeks