Basement Finishing in Milton, Basement Renovation, Kitchen
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Basement Finishing in Milton

Basement Finishing in Milton

We had the privilege to work with Danley and finish his basement in Milton. We been contacted by the client in January and booked for April to finish their basement. This was an open concept basement with no bathroom and carpet flooring. The project originally was projected to be finished in 2 weeks, however it took longer then expected because the homeowner choose to do the painting himself.

Sometimes doing some part of the job might sound fun and gives the homeowner pride to actually be involved in the renovation process, but often the excitement fails off shortly after the client takes over the project.  This was the case with Danley too. He realized that while it looks easy, coming home from work and painting is not that much fun after 3-4 days. However, he did pull it together and could proudly tell his friends that he did his part in the basement finishing project.

Client took out the building permit from the city and we passed every phase with honours. Danley was really happy with the finished project and this is what he had to say about his experience to working with us.

I was very impress with Martin’s work and project management skills.
He was very punctual in his work, extremely responsive to all our questions and supported our goals throughout the entire process. He took personal interest in this project. Being the owner I was not worried about the construction work at all as Martin took all this responsibility on his shoulder.

Update: In December we received this note from him:

Everyone who saw my basement has only one thing to say,  “Your contractor did excellent job”.  Again, Thanks for everything.

Here are few images of the finished basement.

Project Details

Danley D'mello

Project Location:
Milton, ON

Project Date:
April 2014

Project Time Frame:
Four Weeks