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Heat Your Home For Less!

Heat your home for less

Heat your home and save money at the same time

Have you ever turned down the temperature in your home to save money on your heating bills, only to leave you freezing and layering on several sweaters?

We know it’s a tempting feeling, especially since your energy bill takes a surge over the course of the winter months and to be honest we, here in Ontario pretty much pay the most for electricity. But you don’t have to freeze this season.

There are ways to heat your home without paying a fortune!

Open the curtains on sunny days! If it’s a sunny day outside, take advantage of natural sunlight! Push your drapes open to let that natural sunlight shine into your home, thus heating your home.

Inspect your windows! Have you inspected your windows recently? Take a piece of tissue paper and hold it to the window frame. If the tissue paper is moving, then the weatherstripping isn’t as strong and as such, is letting in cool air. A short-term solution is to tape clear plastic film on the inside of the window frame to prevent a draft. This will help keep the cold air out of your home. Your furnace won’t have to work as hard to heat your home as a result.

Consider investing in a smart home thermostat. The Nest thermostat, for example, lets you set the temperature for your home from your phone. As the thermostat learns your habits, it will automatically shut off the heat while you’re away. Why have the heat running when you’re not using it? When you’re on your way home, simply turn on your thermostat and you’ll arrive to a comfortably heated home. A smart thermostat can help you save money on your energy bills overtime thanks to giving your furnace a break when it doesn’t need to be used.

Stock up on furnace filters and make sure they are changed every three months. Furnace filters get clogged with dust and debris, making it harder for warm air to filter into your home. You’ll not on breathe in quality air, but fresh filters will allow the air to pass through the furnace easily, which will help prevent furnace breakdowns.

Speaking of your furnace, when was the last time it was inspected by a certified technician? By actively maintain your heating system and scheduling service when required, you can maximize the longevity of the equipment, which will result in efficient heating and lower your heating costs overtime. The more your furnace struggles to heat your home, the more it will cost you in repair and energy costs.

You may not see a difference on your first energy bill, but stick with this tactical advice and you’ll see savings over the course of several months.

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