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Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplace Safety Tips

The importance of fireplace safety in the winter season

 The winter season is naturally the most common season for households to experience a fire. The fire is on to keep everyone warm and meals are prepared and cooked indoors. You may even plug in a space heater to give your furnace a break. It’s so important to be mindful of fireplace prevention and safety this winter season.

Remember the following fireplace safety tips before turning on your fireplace:

Have the chimney inspected during the winter season

Hire a professional to inspect and clean your chimney at least once a year. A thorough chimney cleaning will remove a build-up of creosote, which will give you peace of mind your fireplace is safe to use.

Regular maintenance is essential to prevent fires

Fireplace-related fires often occur when there’s over-fuelling, uncontrolled burning or accumulated tar or creosote. Before turning on your fireplace, open the damper and keep it open until the ashes are cool enough to the touch. Make sure to do a deep clean once a week, or whenever the ashes are more than an inch deep. Sweep or vacuum the cold ashes and dispose of them outside.

Check for cracks in the chimney/fireplace

Do you notice cracks or loose joints of the firebricks in the fireplace? Masonry damage should be repaired as soon as it’s noticed. When there’s unrepaired damage to the fireplace, it creates a safety hazard.

Keep papers away from the unit

Do you keep magazines in your family room? Make sure they’re stored away from the fireplace. Combustible materials like paper and wood can catch fire and cause an uncontrollable one.

Keep a screen in front of the fireplace

Protect your children from fireplace danger by placing a screen in front of the fireplace. It will prevent embers from escaping out of the fireplace and igniting a fire on a nearby carpet.

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