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Protect Your Home From Electrical Problems

Protect your household from electrical problems this winter season Gone are the summer nights when the sun would light up the house, essentially eliminating the need to turn on laps or any lighting. Winter has been upon us for several weeks now and as such, it becomes dark early in the evening. Lighting up your home with candles, lamps and lighting is a necessity, but so is staying safe throughout …Read More

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist For Indoors And Outdoors

Spring weather is here! Well, almost. This past April, we’ve seen sun, showers, snow and more. It’s all a sign that spring is well on its way, which means spring cleaning! Spring cleaning isn’t a myth; it’s a great opportunity to give the whole house a deep clean inside and out. Since it usually happens only once a year, it’s an important task. If the thought of spring cleaning seems …Read More

Spring Clean The Outside Of Your Home

The spring season has finally arrived. It’s that time of year when homeowners build a list of spring cleaning tasks and chip away at it little by little. Cleaning out the closets, putting away all the boots, taking fine china out of cabinets to clean the shelves; there’s no shortage of cleaning tasks! But most spring cleaning lists are for items and tasks that belong inside the home. Your home’s …Read More

Want to renovate your basement? Here’s your step-by-step plan

A basement renovation is a great opportunity to make use of extra space in your home, especially if you have a growing family. Not only that, but statistically, a renovated basement can provide a higher return on investment upon selling your home. That is, if the basement renovation is done right. Before you contact a basement renovation specialist to get the project started, get ahead by doing the following: Decide …Read More