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Heat Your Home For Less!

Heat your home and save money at the same time Have you ever turned down the temperature in your home to save money on your heating bills, only to leave you freezing and layering on several sweaters? We know it’s a tempting feeling, especially since your energy bill takes a surge over the course of the winter months and to be honest we, here in Ontario pretty much pay the …Read More

How To Handle a Power Outage

People often think power outages occur in the winter season. While that’s true since they’re often caused by snow and ice storms, power outages are pretty common in the spring and summer seasons. What can cause power outage and how to handle it properly: High winds and hurricanes High winds that have the power to blow tree limbs across power lines causing them to touch can lead to a power …Read More

Spring Clean The Outside Of Your Home

The spring season has finally arrived. It’s that time of year when homeowners build a list of spring cleaning tasks and chip away at it little by little. Cleaning out the closets, putting away all the boots, taking fine china out of cabinets to clean the shelves; there’s no shortage of cleaning tasks! But most spring cleaning lists are for items and tasks that belong inside the home. Your home’s …Read More

Fireplace Safety Tips

The importance of fireplace safety in the winter season  The winter season is naturally the most common season for households to experience a fire. The fire is on to keep everyone warm and meals are prepared and cooked indoors. You may even plug in a space heater to give your furnace a break. It’s so important to be mindful of fireplace prevention and safety this winter season. Remember the following …Read More